About Maya

Our Heritage

Maya was founded as Maya Spice of Life Jerusalem  in 1982.

Three young friends, newly-released from the IDF, Moishe, Israel and Udi, established a small factory in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood. They had just one food packing machine for powdered spices. They decided to call the company MAYA, an acronym for their three Hebrew names.

In 1998, Maya moved to the industrial zone of Mishor Adumim, today housing production plants, distribution warehouses and the management staff. In 2010, the company changed its official name to ‘Maya Food Industries’

Factory & Production

Today the company has more than 300 employees , our factory covers more than 20,000sqm
Professional and experienced team with 40 years of experience in the field

These are our industrial departments at our factory:
Gummies & Jelly beans (with Vitamins & Supplements) * Sachets with supplement Gel,Liquid & Powders * Hard Candies * Legumes including organic legumes * Spices * Baking products * Powders * Snacks, Snacks straight from the field , Vegetable snacks * Spreads * Chocolate

Innovation & Technology

Development – The Company’s Research and Development focuses on the health aspect.
Our vision is to create new and revolutionary developments in the food sector. Thus we will enable food supplements to be available in all forms of the basic food consumed.

Nanotechnology – Our future development : Using this technology enables us to to increase the bioavailability, form more transparent gummies, with a better taste & smell, higher loading capacity of active ingredients, increase amount of ‘viable’ active molecules .

Natural Materials – Maya continues to move in the direction of natural ingredients for its raw materials. It manufactures all of its supplement products with natural colors, flavors etc.

Gluten Free – The Company is conscious of many people’s sensitivity to products containing gluten. Therefore they have undertaken the task of providing as many products as possible for celiac sufferers. MAYA now produces gluten-free products. Unlike most of our competitors who vaguely state “may contain gluten” maya produces in a completely separate operational and logistical factory.

Made In Israel

Maya’s roots are firmly planted in the land of Israel. Most of its products are made in Israel at one big site. It is the only company in Israel that produces soft jelly and hard-boiled candies with high quality vitamin supplements, produced to optimum quality that allows most of the production to be exported.